SF GM Tools 1.1.1

GameMaster Mod

  1. Features
  2. Installation

ACHTUNG: Dieser Mod ist nur für GameMaster nützlich und bringt dir als Spieler nichts ohne den Zugang zu den GM Tools.


Toggle GM (Game Master)

Set and save the password for GM mode and toggle the mode on/off

Starter Pack

Spawn a set of items for starter players

Spawned items can be edited in ‘\scripts\starterpack.cs’


Makes your player invulnerable to damage


End it all

Get all Skills

Sets all of you players skills and stats to 100+

Heal Self

Sets your players HP to full

Remove Effects

Removes all effects from your player (poison, resurrection, etc.)

Toggle Judgement Hour

Switch JM off/on

Spawn Items

Spawn items based on its ID, Amount, Quality and Durability

A button that launches the Life is Feudal Items List site

TP to Player

Type the first name of player and teleport to them

Set Weather

Sets the server-side weather

Set Time of Day

Sets the client-side time of day

Spawn Animals

Does exactly what it say on the tin

Show In-Game Date & Time

If GM Mode enabled


  1. Navigate to the ‘Life is Feudal Your Own’ game folder
  2. Create a ‘mod’ folder
  3. Place the ‘sf-gm-tools’ folder within the ‘mod’ folder
  4. Open the ‘scripts/client/init.cs’ file and place the following line after ‘onInitClientDone();’ (around line 204):‌

  • Press ‘Alt + G’ in-game to open
  • Press ‘Alt + T’ to toggle GM Mode (set GM password first!)
  • Press ‘Alt + F’ in-game to toggle Fly Mode
  • Version 1.1.1